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Thank you for including us in your search for an office that meets all of your dental requirements.

Our State of the art facility, the hightest standard of cleansings and gentle approach to care will make your and
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Zoom Teeth Whitening

We conduct a single hour-long session for in house teeth whitened. We use a special zoom kit and light, bringing out the natural color of your original teeth and making them several shades lighter, without inducing extra sensitivity or any other side effects to the enamel.

Laser Gum Surgery

Gum disease causes a loss of gum tissue, weakens the structure of your teeth and affects your smile. With many Americans suffering from gum disease due to poor oral hygiene, laser gum surgery provides the fastest and most painless solution to remove diseased tissue and repair gums. This laser procedure requires no bandages or anesthesia and causes no bleeding in the gums.

Electric Hand-pieces

We use this special state of the art dental drill for more precise dental work. It works faster and makes almost no sound (unlike traditional high-pitched drills), making our patients more comfortable throughout the experience.
We also provide blankets, headphones and eye-wear to each of our patient to help them feel at ease during their dental appointment.

Rotary Endodontics

We use a hand-piece (a special electric tool), a hand guided root canal system with an apex finder to ensure absolute precision in the removal of infections and the filling of the roots of your teeth. This device limits the access of the drill to only affected areas within the roots.

Intravenous sedation

Under the expert supervision of our Oral surgeon we provide the option of intravenous sedation to those of our patients who are fearful, phobic or otherwise uneasy.

Digital X-rays

All radio-graphs are taken digitally, which provides the capability of diagnosing decay, infection and other dental conditions with much more accuracy. The resultant images enhance the affected area and picture contrast to make things absolutely clear to the doctor and their patient for a detailed treatment plan.

Intra-oral camera & computerized consulting

All of our operatories are equipped with intra-oral cameras to provide visual aid in observing, diagnosing and treating decay. We use the latest camera systems before and during procedures, using an interactive digital computer screen - which displays the depth and detailed features of the cavity or infection being treated. Visual images of tooth fractures and nerve exposures etc can be observed and documented; the insight provided through the use of these tools helps in formulating a comprehensive treatment plan with our patients.

Intrabony Anesthesia

We use a Stabedent anesthetic system to treat patients suffering from dental infections (which are difficult-to-numb with traditional local anesthetic methods). This system is designed to ensure profound anesthesia and a painless procedure for patients.