Ms. Lucy Ruvalcaba / Office Manager
This is what Lucy wants to say to you:

I have been working for Dr. Shea for almost 14 years. My patients, doctors and my team are what make me love to cometowork every day. My focus is to help you as a patient to obtain healthy, functional and beautiful teeth and smile with the best possible insurance coverage. 

Our greatest asset is Dr. Shea and our staff. We have very high professional standard here. We are all excited and motivated to help you achieve the best clinical result you deserve.

Lucy has been a dental professional for more than a decade. She had full spectrum of experience, knowledge, understandingand sophistication of both clinical and administrative aspects of a dental practice. She is especially proficient in communicating with patients and insurance companies about complicated treatment procedures, options and alternatives.

Lucy is a proud mom of a young teenager boy. While not working, she enjoys traveling and time with her family!

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Ms. Stella Arechiga / Floor manager

This is what Stella wants to say to you:

I have been assisting Dr. Shea for more than 12 years already. I am really honored and excited to work with you. We want you to be confident and comfortable knowing that we are a team of highly skilled and trained professionals. We strive everyday to give you the best possible dental service and clinical results.

I highly encourage to you to become part of our big family!!

Stella is described by our patients as doing an excellent job in making them feel very much at ease while sitting on dental chairs. She is famous for having warm personality, great smile and many years  of clinic skills and experience.

While not working, Stella enjoys spending time with her husband and two young kids.

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Ms. Lucia Restrepo / Chairside Dental Assistant

This is what Lucia wants to say to you:

I have been working for Dr. Shea for more than 5 years. Wholeheartedly, it has been a pleasant, wonderful and rewarding experience.  I feel very much accomplished every day.  At the Westpark Dental, we strive to make our patients feel welcomed; relaxed and comfortable in the meantime, we prove them excellent care and results.

I sincerely welcome you and your family to visit our facility so you can experience our professional ism and gentle dental care the first hand.

Lucia had attended the Dental Hygiene school in Tampa, Florida and has moved to Orange County ever since 2003. She is characterized as a very kind, considerate, understanding, well-verse, detail-oriented and excellent chairside dental professional.

Lucia is married and has a young daughter.

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Ms. Mayra Lucatero / Receptionist / Treatment Coordinator:

This is what Mayra wants to tell you:

At Dr. Sheas office, we are really committed to understand and to meet your dental need as a patient.

I love my job. I am a very honest person and a good listener.  My personal and professional goals are to provide and to educate you with all the necessary information and knowledge  then help you to make better dental decision and help you to improve your overall well being and dental health.

Being a dental professional for more than 5 years, Mayra has the multi-task skill, ability, knowledge and experience as both the front and back personnel. She is usually the one answering your insurance questions, explaining treatment options and procedures, coordinating ongoing treatment, collecting payment and so on.

Mayra have a wonderful husband and a beautiful girl.

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Ms. Perla Memdez /Chairside Dental Assistant

This is what Perla wants to say to you:

Dental to me is not simply a job but a career. I have already devoted nine years of my life in this profession. I am a loving person. I care for my patients as much as I do care for my own nine-year-old daughter. I will treat my patients like my family members.

We are really honored and excited to be able to work with you.

Perla has the privilege of working as a chair side dental assistant at Dr. Shea office ever since summer 2009.
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Miss Karla Garcia / Scheduling Coordinator:

This is what Karla wants to say to you:

I love my job and career. I am having lots of fun working with other team members over the years.

What I value and love the most about working at the Westpark Dental is getting to meet all the great people who walk through our door. It is truly an honor and a privilege to serve you; seeing how the differences of dentistry can dramatically improves the lives of our patients, it is the best career reward I can ever receive.

Karla is usually the first person you hear while contacting our office. She has been in the practice for more than two years. Her infectious smile and sparkly personality catches on to you just by  listening to her voice over the phone.

She is also the one help you obtain your insurance benefit breakdown before your first visit. She is most likely the one who will remind you about your appointments via phones, emails or texts. Every now and then, you will see her assisting you in the back and helping doctors taking care of you in the operatories.

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Miss Jenny Ruvalcaba/ Receptionist:

This is what Jenny wants to say to you:

"We are really pleased to work with you and as your dental health professionals; we want you to be confident knowing that we are a team of highly trained and skilled clinicians. We strive to give you the best possible service and results. We pride ourselves in providing the care you need to keep your smile healthy."

Jenny joined the practice on June of 2008 and says she "enjoys being able to assist wherever needed." She is on the go for everybody performing various tasks: answering the phone, pulling charts, assisting the doctor, working with the patients, etc. You'll see her from time to time when she helps do your periodontal charting, develop x-rays and carry out sterilization procedures.

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